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OVERVIEW: Incubate is a 501(c)(4) organization of venture capital firms representing the patient, corporate, and investment communities. Our primary aim is to educate policymakers on the role of venture capital in bringing promising treatments to patients in need.

MISSION: We help ensure patients continue to benefit from the unrelenting innovation spurred by venture capital investment in life sciences and protected by America’s intellectual property system.

Incubate advocates for the patient, corporate, and investment communities by educating policymakers on the role of venture capital in bringing promising, innovative treatments to patients in need.


Empowering the United States' 

Life Sciences Ecosystem

Help ensure a level global playing field for investment and promote policies that empower life science innovators to build and grow in the United States.


For America to remain the leader in medical innovation, its business, investment, and policy ecosystems must welcome and support life science innovators from start-ups to major firms.


Foster Innovation

Strengthen and protect U.S. intellectual property provisions by promoting patent and regulatory systems that encourage life sciences innovation.   


Investment in life science is risky: 9 out of 10 initial treatments are ineffective or don’t recoup their development costs. Protecting the American intellectual property system preserves incentives for the development of new treatments and ensures that the revenue from successful treatments can subsidize continued innovation.


Safeguard Advancements

Spotlight the venture capital-driven breakthroughs that are transforming medicine for patients and health professionals around the globe.


Amidst the nuanced discussions around healthcare costs in this country, policymakers, providers, and patients all deserve a complete understanding of the factors that contribute to successful development of effective treatments.


Amplify Results

Latest News

Making Medicine

Stories from the Early-Stage

Life Sciences Ecosystem

Listen to industry experts delve into the process behind scientific breakthroughs (and how many of them almost never happened), where the life science ecosystem is taking us next, and most importantly, what it means for patients.


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