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Introducing Incubate Policy Lab, a dynamic platform dedicated to delivering regular updates through white-papers and research. Drawing from a deep understanding of the early-stage life science ecosystem, our lab explores vital insights to foster informed investments that catalyze innovation.

IP Protections for Medicines

Intellectual property protections in the U.S. incentivize investment in drug development, leading to life-saving innovations, while also facilitating the entry of cost-saving generic medicines after exclusivity periods expire, though debates persist over the balance between incentivizing innovation and promoting access to affordable medications.

Kirsten Axelsen

Senior Policy Lab Advisor

Kirsten works with leaders in life sciences companies to navigate policy, competition, reimbursement and public perception for successful product launch, growth and for profitability. She has diverse experience developing and executing strategy at all stages of the biopharmaceutical lifecycle and in all major markets.

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